Joy Taylor: South Florida's Female Sports Radio Host

Has Mr. Horner lost his way to the house under the hill? Is old blind Bob having trouble finding the harbor of hope? Oh, don't despair. It's time for Just the Tips with the queen of concupiscence, Joy Taylor.

Jonathan Zaslow: Just the Tips, we do it every week at this time where Joy Taylor has your dating and sex advice, if you need, you send in your questions using #justthetips. All right, here's a question on the Plumbers 911 text line. "Joy, dude, I have a hot girlfriend, but she farts like a wild hog in her sleep. Should I confront her about it?"

Joy Taylor: Whoa. Ah, that's tough. Women are weird about the farting, like I've never farted in my entire life. Nor have I gone No. 2, so it's a problem I can't really relate to but, yeah, if you've got a sleep farter, you've either gotta suck it up or you gotta break up with her. Because once you tell her that she farts in her sleep, she's gonna be so mad at you. Like, first of all she's going to tell you you're a straight-up liar if she's smart. And then it's just gonna be awkward, so yeah, you've gotta deal with it or break up.

Zaslow: Man, she's giving him those Dutch ovens.

Taylor: *cackling laughter*

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Ryan Cortes