LeBron James Shows Support for Richard Sherman on Twitter

LeBron James has jumped in on the Richard Sherman controversy via Twitter, and officially backed the Seattle Seahawks cornerback on Thursday morning.

Sherman has been in the middle of an internet-driven maelstrom ever since his post-game interview following last Sunday's NFC Championship game when he yelled at the camera about opposing player, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver, Michael Crabtree.

Sherman has divided the nation, with some defending him, others spewing hatred, and yet others being completely vile with the man.

So, LeBron decided to jump headlong into the zeitgeist.

In case you've been trapped under something heavy and missed it the first 100 billion times, here's the Sherman interview in question:

The moment immediately threw Sherman in an infamous light, with the internet putting out article after article defending him, and admonishing him.

The incident even brought out the very worst in people.

Those who didn't outright come out and say vile racist things to and about Sherman but were none too pleased with the interview were also plentiful.

Slate offered up this piece about how Sherman is just a straight-up dick for what he did.

The moralizing has been profound. The overall tisk-tisking of Sherman and how he should behave has over-saturated sports talk radio waves, social media, blogs, and pretty much the entire Internet as we know it.

So, LeBron came out and got real:

He then went so far as to publicly support Sherman's quest to win the Super Bowl:

In turn, Sherman thanked LeBron for the support:

Obviously, none of this will sway people's opinions on the matter one way or the other.

Still, it's always good to see a super star athlete come out and be honest and refreshingly candid about how they feel on any given subject.

Plus, it's gotta be cool when LeBron James, of all people, got your back.

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