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Nike LeBron X Elite+ Kicks to Be Released to the Masses Next Week

With the 2013 NBA playoffs a mere week away, it's time to see what LeBron James will be wearing as he prepares to obliterate defenders and defend his and the Heat's crown as Biggest Badasses in All the Land (or, as most would call it, NBA Finals Champions).

With that, Nike has, of course, unveiled their brand-new Larry O'Brien Trophy-inspired Nike LeBron X Elite+ kicks.

Awwwwww yeah (*wallet bursts into flames*)

The shoes are made with Kevlar aramid reinforcement, which adds stability without all the bulk reinforced shoes usually have. It also features an articulated foam tongue for impact protection, presumably for when you try and fail miserably to dunk like LeBron.

The coolest part, however, has to be Nike+ feature, where you can sync up your iPhone where an app tracks your game and tells you how far from LeBron's skills you really, truly are.

It's like having your own personal coach, except this coach won't yell at you and throw basketballs at your face.

The kicks also have gold-flecked Kevlar laces, speckled outsoles, and gold-threaded Flywire. 

It'll cost you $280 bucks to get a pair. 

The shoe comes out on Saturday, April 20. SO GET IN LINE RIGHT NOW.

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