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Outlaw Biker Thor Hansen Will Be Deported Back To Norway, Ending Wild Tale of Whisky and CIA Operatives

Thor Holm Hansen will not stay in the United States -- either as a prisoner, or as a free man.

Last month, in a 5,000-word cover story, we told the crazy story of Thor Hansen, a Norwegian country singer, a one-time ambassador to a rebel Haitian government, and an Outlaw biker.

Late last year, Thor returned suddenly to the United States, after spending decades in his native Norway. He'd come to find his daughter, Nancy, who'd disappeared somewhere in California. But before he could find his daughter, Thor first had to defeat a bond-jumping charge, left over from a strange day in Fort Lauderdale court in 1981, when Thor had simply walked out of his own trial, sailed a boat to the Bahamas, and caught a plane to extradition-free Norway.

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He did it, he said, because the CIA had set him up on the cocaine charge. Earlier this year, Thor tried, and failed, to prove it.

Yesterday, District Judge William Dimitrouleas ordered the Outlaw turned over to the Immigration National Service, which will deport him back to Norway, bringing to a close the wild tale. Dimitrouleas said the 74-year-old had already spent five months in jail, and that had been enough to satisfy the bond-jumping conviction.

"I can't say that he was upset," said friend Mark Scheibert, who's seen Thor through the entire legal struggle. "But he probably was."

Scheibert said the truth was there to be had -- the CIA had set Thor, and everyone knew it -- but no journalist or lawyer was brave enough to run with it.

"All reporters are scared shit-less," he said. "No one wants to write anything bad about the government."

Thor tried again yesterday to convince everyone of his innocence, but failed once more. "You going off on tangents hasn't helped your case," the judge told him.

If Thor ever decides to come back to the United States -- which, if his past behavior is any indication, is highly likely -- he'll have to report to his probation officer.

Still, if Thor's original story that he came here to find his daughter was true, he may never return to the nation.

Scheibert said Thor's daughter, Nancy, has been found. She's in Mexico, he said, declining to specify where.

Thor, he said, plans to go there after he gets out of prison and find her.

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