Pat Flury, Longtime Dania Beach Commissioner, Resigns Over Dick Drawing

Longtime Dania Beach Commissioner Pat Flury, who resigned several weeks ago after excoriating an unknown "stalker" at a public meeting, just gave a clearer reason for her departure.

It wasn't because of that "stalker," though he seemed to have played a part.

It also didn't involve allegations that she wasn't actually living in Dania Beach but in Fort Lauderdale.

Nope, it was because of a penis drawing.

According to the Sun Sentinel:

Flury, 76, says she quit after local blogger Chaz Stevens posted photos of her on his website wearing fake glasses with a penis nose.

"I thought, why am I doing this?" she said. "I don't have a big ego. I don't need the money. I don't need the power."

Flury, who served as a commissioner from 2001 until 2009 and was again reelected in 2011, has recently come under criticism over accusations she hasn't been living among her constituents in Dania Beach. She is just one local legislator to recently be mired in such scandal: Local state Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach, has also taken a beating over the issue.

According to the Concerned Citizens of Dania Beach: "Flury changed her driver's license, her voter registration, mailing address etc. to make it look like she lived here but EVERYONE knew she didn't. What she did do was rent a furnished town home in Dania Beach and called that her "bona fide" residence, but NEVER stayed there."

This sort of oversight spooked Flury. At her resignation several weeks ago, she referred repeatedly to a "stalker" who "always has his camera ready" and "has a gun." She says he lurks outside her house, and she lives in fear. (The stalker, it turns out, is political opponent Patrick Phillips, who'd been filming her coming and going from her house.)

But now, Flury reports, her real reason for quitting came back to a drawing of a dong. On her nose. While she was wearing fake glasses.

Like him or hate him, the author of said dong drawing, Chaz Stevens, an irascible blogger in Deerfield Beach, is at least consistent. If you're elected to office in Broward County, you will, at one time or another, have a penis superimposed onto your face by this blogger. It's disgusting, crude, and totally offensive.

And, incredibly, it just forced an elected official out of office.

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