Patrick Murphy Is Asking for Help to Fight Off Allen West and His Lawyers

With Allen West refusing to yield to losing an election and Florida sending officials down to St. Lucie County to investigate the situation, it looks like we're all in for the long haul on this whole "West Refuses to Concede" thing.

Newly elected Congressman Patrick Murphy knows this all too well. And since Colonel Commie Hunter has millions to spend on lawyers and is also refusing to accept the inevitable, Murphy is asking his supporters (or Allen West hater; you're welcome too!) to contribute to help the coming legal battle that West is sure to wage.

In an email to his supporters, Murphy says he's honored to serve now that he has won the election but is well aware that he's dealing with a crazy person (Murphy didn't say "crazy person," but we all know the deal here).

"Nothing seems enough for Allen West," the email begins (after a personal greeting, of course).

"It wasn't enough when Florida certified the results. It wasn't enough when a partial recounting of the votes proved that we were still the clear winner. Allen West just won't give up without a long, costly legal battle. He has millions in the bank and has already said multiple times there is 'no rush' to move forward."

Murphy, more than most, knows exactly who we're dealing with here. And this preemptive email blast for cash is a pretty smart move. Especially if things are going to head to CrazyTown, like we all believe it will. Because there's no way West won't take his fight to the highest court possible.

"We have to fight back against West's legal battle with our own team of lawyers and work through this process," Murphy's email continues. "We are solely responsible to pay for the legal fees incurred."

West's motion to impound ballots and voting machines was shot down by a court last Friday. And, on Tuesday, his campaign filed a complaint in St. Lucie County Circuit Court asking a judge to order a recount.

A partial recount was done over the weekend. And even though West gained some votes due to that recount, he still doesn't have enough to lawfully trigger a full recount.

But that ain't stopping West.

And Murphy knows it.

"No matter what Allen West tries to do," the email concludes, "he can't stop our people-powered movement."

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