Prancercise Lady Releases an "X Rated" Fitness Video

In her first video since the original Prancercise video went bonkers -- netting 7.6 million views, sending the Prancercise Lady to the Today Show and bringing in a New Times feature story -- Joanna Rohrback released her second installment yesterday.

And because this is South Florida, it's "X Rated."

Sort of.

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Sort of, because the video doesn't actually include any nudity or sex -- and for that, we rejoice. We wouldn't want the Prancercise lady to stoop to such sordid levels.

Calling it "Uninhibited Fitness," Rohrback begins the segment with text: "CAUTION. This video is X Rated. Viewer discretion is advised. Parental consent is suggested. The content may be disturbing to immature or prudish viewers."

Afterward, the viewer is teleported to face the Prancercise creator. She's in heavy makeup, wearing a bright hue of green on top and black on bottom. Then comes that reedy New York twang: "There are many imitators out there, but there's only one me. I'm going to give you more of what you've been asking for, but oh, not so much camel toe." The viewer then watches as Rohrback trots through a country club.

"Everyone seems to like the new video so far," she told New Times. "Before I got a lot of comments from prudish people about my first video, so I figured everyone needed a warning. If they weren't adult enough to watch the first, I'm calling this one X Rated."

She says she expects this one to go viral as well, but she couldn't be more wrong.

The original Prancercise video took off because it carried undiluted sincerity. It was positively ridiculous, but Rohrback didn't seem to care. She strutted with honesty.

There's something, however, distinctively misleading about this video. Rohrback's now playing the game of attracting an audience -- labeling it "X Rated," signaling her last video -- and it falls flat. This places her closer to a one-trick act than ever before because she's now conscious people are watching. And that strips her of the earnestness that made her so endearing in the first place.

Still, we can't blame her for trying. In our cover story, we wondered whether Rohrback could parlay the national attention into anything sustainable. This new video, however, won't accomplish it. It's click bait, pure and simple. And if she's going to remain in the spotlight, she has to change tactics.

"I'm happy with the video," she says. "I"m not a super perfectionist. I could have primped myself a little bit more. But those are immaterial things. I got my message across."

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