Prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy's Top Ten YouTube Videos

Which way to the MacArthur Causeway?
Our news story this week tracks the incredible ascent of Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, the Russian 21-year-old who, through juvenile and very funny antics, has managed to conquer South Florida YouTube.

(Let's not speculate on what his popularity says about us as a society.)

Among this Boca Raton resident's 98 clips, he's taught us how to "pick up black girls," "how to get a girl to kiss you," and queried muscled gym-goers whether, "Bro, do you even lift?"

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His success rests on a formula that makes every video go bang: one solid prank + frat boy likability + South Florida gullibility = internet crack.

Here are the 10 that made us laugh the most:

10. Zdorovetskiy tells his mom he needs money for heroine. Wait until she grabs the belt.

9. "Put your number in my phone." "Why?" one girl asks. "Cause I said."

8. "Can I give your girlfriend a kiss?" Best part: Red-pants guy, who either doesn't want to give a kiss or is insane.

7. Just days after the Miami Zombie attack, another zombie attack occurred. Confession: We would have run, too.

6. How do these guys take their steroids? "Up your arm, or up your booty? Dude, how do you shoot up? Up your arm, or up your booty?"

5. Step one: Find very beautiful and very thin woman. Step two: Ask when she's due to give birth. "Ladies! It's not healthy to drink alcohol when you're pregnant."

4. Get girls to kiss you on the beach. (We don't recommend you try this yourself.) "Do you find me attractive? Do you have a boyfriend? Then what's your excuse for not kissing me right now?"

3. Bro, listen, bro. Do you even lift? "Are you going to punch me?"

"If you say it again I will."

"...Do you even lift?"

2. This is not a joke. The world is about to end. We need to get on this bus. "Get the fuck out! Maybe the end of the world is coming!"

1. "I know my boyfriend's cute, but why you gotta check him out like that?" "I'm sorry. He's so gay he can't even think straight."

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