Taylor Chapman, Racist Local Woman Who Hates Dunkin' Donuts, Has More Strange Videos

Taylor Chapman has two very different -- and very hate-inducing -- YouTube personalities.

First there's belligerent Taylor, who apparently has plans to nuke all of Dunkin' Donuts from Mars, then put it on Facebook because she has many adherents following her happenings from Mars. This is the Taylor who this week unleashed quite possibly the most stupid, profane, and ignorant rant ever devised in the history of human misadventure.

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And she's from Broward!

*Air Five*

But don't box Tay-Tay in like that. There's another side to the local gal.

She's also done pseudo-earnest YouTube commercials for Happy Wok Chinese Food in Lauderhill, Plantation Auto Repair, and had a really confusing, possibly sexual conversation with Ludacris.

But first, the Chinese food:

And she's here to tell you that in the entire city of Lauderhill, only one place can serve you the tastiest wantons and General Tso's chicken -- and that's Happy Wok.

Hell, she says, even luckymenu.com agrees, which has voted the restaurant Number One.

(Upon some routine internet sleuthing, however, it seems luckymenu.com has reviewed exactly two restaurants. One of which is Happy Wok, and the other is Joy's Roti Delight, also in Lauderhill. And if you're going to do one thing all day, make it watching this video.)

But that's not all. Taylor has done other television assignments besides Happy Wok. (Though the wantons really are that good.)

She's also interviewed Ludacris at a local liquor store. There, she asks the very inebriated rapper whether he wants to "try" some alcohol with her. "Of course I'll try it with you," says Luda, who proceeds to not try the alcohol. "I've been trying it all day."

The entire segment, only one minute, is excruciatingly awkward and awesome.

Then, we have Taylor selling Plantation Auto Repair, which, according to Taylor, is currently running a special on oil changes -- we can check the website for details -- as well as something referred to as the smooth ride special.

Let's be hopeful Plantation Auto Repair is disciplined with its receipts.

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