Tyreek Hill at Risk of "No Fun League" Fine After NFL Captures, Deletes Backflip Celebration Footage

Tyreek Hill is tempting the wrath of the NFL's touchdown-celebration regulators.
Tyreek Hill celebrates a touchdown with Tua Tagovailoa during a game against the Carolina Panthers at Hard Rock Stadium on October 15, 2023.
Tyreek Hill celebrates a touchdown with Tua Tagovailoa during a game against the Carolina Panthers at Hard Rock Stadium on October 15, 2023. Photo by Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins didn't get off to the fastest start in their 42-21 win over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. It looked like the Panthers were dead set on spoiling a day meant to celebrate the Dolphin's newest Hall of Fame inductee Zach Thomas' ring presentation. 

Luckily, it's not often the 2023 Dolphins fail to put on a show.

After spotting the 0-5 Panthers a 14-0 first-quarter lead, the Dolphins figured it was time to make up for being tardy to the party, with their first order of business being treating the Hard Rock Stadium fans to the touchdown celebration sweeping the nation — the now practically world-famous "penguin waddle," courtesy of wide receiver Jaylen Waddle.

Everyone is doing the Waddle. Even 83-year-old Dolphins owner Stephen Ross felt the holy penguin spirit jolt through his entire body, forcing him to shuffle with his second-year star after the score.

Get you some, Stephen. Get you some.  Did we say the penguin waddle is everyone's favorite touchdown celebration? That is still true, but Tyreek Hill submitted his performance for the Academy's consideration moments later following a long pitch and catch touchdown reception from Tua Tagovailoa that gave the Dolphins a 21-14 lead.

After trotting into the endzone, Hill sprinted to a man holding a cell phone, borrowed it, filmed himself doing a backflip, and promptly returned the device before jogging back to the sideline, like that's a thing people routinely do.
Fans speculated about who the man with the phone was and if the video would pop up online. Just minutes later, it did, via the NFL's @NFLUK account on Twitter. Incredibly, the "No Fun League" took the video down a few moments later.

Sorry, NFL. The internet is forever — no take-backs. We've got the tape.
Hill will likely be fined for his actions, even as surveillance footage clearly shows the NFL an accessory to the celebration. This comes after successive weeks in which Hill has received five-figure fines for not wearing socks on the field and giving a peace sign during a live play on his way to the end zone.

Socks, peace signs, and backflips — Tyreek Hill disrespects the NFL shield in some innocuous ways.

What's Next: Super Bowl Preview?

After back-to-back games at home against floundering teams on track to select players at the top of next year's NFL Draft, the competition gets much heavier as the Dolphins travel to Philadelphia for a nationally televised game on Sunday Night Football against the 5-1 Eagles, who are fresh off an upset loss to the New York Jets (and pissed off about it).

With the Dolphins leading the AFC and the Eagles near the top of the NFC, the matchup could preview Super Bowl LVIII next February in Las Vegas. 
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