'90s Food Trends: Have These Ever Died?

The ubiquity of plaid and the renaissance of Pearl Jam, U2, and Nirvana in some circles is making me nostalgic for the '90s. What's a food writer to do but eat and drink a way through the decade? Though some '90s food and drink are making a comeback, many dishes are decidedly dormant. After the jump, some greatest hits from the era.

5. Trend: Fusion cuisine
Though fusion cuisine of the '90s leaned toward the combination of French and Asian influences, South Florida has its own hybrid of sushi/Thai, with 46 restaurants in the area and counting.
Where to find it: Sushi Thai Asian Bistro

4. Trend: Cosmos
The cocktail of Sex and the City is credited to Toby Cecchini, author of The Bartender's Life, as well as to Cheryl Cook, a South Beach bartender.
Where to find it: Blue Martini

3. Trend: Blackened fish
The Sun Sentinel reported that blackened rubs died in the mid-'80s, in an era when (clueless) Northerners still called the region they came from New OrLEENS. Decades later, it's still on the menu in a handful of local restaurants.
Where to find it: Coconuts

2. Trend: Micro brews
Magic Hat # 9 debuted in 1995, and by 1997, Jerry Seinfeld was posing with the craft-beer darling.
Where to find it: M Bar, Riverside Market

1. Trend: FroYo
Even the name for the early-'90s dessert is bad. At least this time around, it tastes better.
Where to find it: Yogurt Ur Way in Fort Lauderdale. What better place to eat nostalgia food than on a street that feels like the '90s?

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