A Taste for Sports

Sure, it's still summer, but football fanatics have been officially inducted for the season. That's right, Monday Night Football has been launched, and the question of the year already has been posed. No, it's not Will the Dolphins make the playoffs?, or even, What the hell happened to Dennis Miller? It's Which sports bar is the best place to watch the games? Most folks judge by how many televisions a place has (big-screen, wide-screen, flat-screen or otherwise). But I tend to choose according to menu options, which Duffy's newest location (21212 St. Andrews Blvd., Boca Raton, 561-869-0552) has in international droves. Which means that when the Jets are playing, I can munch on a grilled New York Reuben. When the Saints are on, it's the shrimp po' boy for me. The Patriots? New England clam chowder, of course. And for the hometown fan, well, there's nothing like munching on dolphin fingers or a blackened dolphin sandwich while watching the Fins in pads and tights make like contenders in September before beaching themselves in December. Again.

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