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Atelier3 in Hollywood Is a Coffee Shop, Community Workspace, and Production Studio

When rent became too expensive for Leo Anato and his wife Maricel Zambrano’s Wynwood-based production studio, the two set out to find a new warehouse to call home. They quickly found the perfect space, but there was a catch.

Instead of a simple, wide-open warehouse, they found themselves in a storefront in downtown Hollywood on the busy and popular Harrison Street.

“Magic happens here that doesn’t happen in other places."

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And, what was meant to be used as an office, has since transformed into a blend of a New York-inspired coffeehouse and comfortable co-working space.

“As creatives working in a production company, we’re always in a coffee shop,” Anato says. “The running joke was that all of our clients would come to our office and drink my coffee, so maybe we should start a coffee shop. But then it just happened and it became really real.”
Atelier3, which opened about two months ago, looks more like a loft-style living room than a shop. Anato says he designed it to be inviting, which explains the mismatched couches, tables, chairs, and wall decor that together create a cozy and comfortable space. His goal, he says, is to create a place where locals can grab a cup of coffee, interact with each other, and have a space to call home too.

“It’s really brought a lot of creative people together so far,” he says. “The only problem is, I think a lot of people are sort of confused by the concept and why we're here. But I think with time, it’ll come.”

With Atelier3, Anato says he wants to blend great coffee, small bites, and a vibe that forges open and interesting conversation. Instead of a place like Starbucks, he says, he wants Atelier3 to feel like you’re in a close friend’s house "hanging with a few people."

“I think we’re the only real and authentic coffeemakers in Hollywood,” he says. “The rest are just restaurants. If you want to read a book and get a cup of coffee, you go to a coffee shop. People connect here. Since starting this, every day I’ve met so many different people. You can come work, you can come and be social, or both.”
On the menu, find light bites like finger sandwiches, croissants, cookies, muffins, cakes, and small pies. Besides coffee, the cafe makes mimosas too, which are available all day long. And Anato says a breakfast and brunch program will launch at the cafe sometime soon.

Though Hollywood doesn’t have the best reputation, with new concepts surviving no more than a few months at a time, Barragan says he’s confident Atelier3 will make it.

“There’s a lot of history in Hollywood in that sense,” he says. “With things not lasting. But I don’t think that will be the case with us.”

Coffee shop aside, Anato and Zambrano still run their freelance production company. They invite clients to Atelier3 for meetings, and do most of their work side by side with customers. But, since opening, Barragan admits he has focused more on growing the shop than working in production and photography. He says it’s worth the sacrifice.
“It feels like a year since I’ve been back out in the field,” he says. “I have experience in the restaurant industry, and I always said I’d never go back. But, here I am. It’s been a learning curve, but I’m completely dedicated.

“Magic happens here that doesn’t happen in other places,” he says. “We’re bringing a new vibe to Hollywood.”

Atelier3 is located at 1901 Harrison St., Hollywood. Call 954-505-3843 or visit its Facebook.

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