Bartender Q&A: Sarah Calogero of Bad Ragaz on Martinis, Beer With Coke

For whatever reason, men tend to have a thing for good-looking women who work in beer bars.

Maybe, it's memories -- hazy, of course -- of beer wenches at Oktoberfest.

Maybe, it's pubescent recollection's of the St. Pauli Girl.

Or it could just be a penchant for beautiful women and beer. Whatever the case, we decided to chat with Bad Ragaz Hall & Biergarten bartender Sarah Calogero to find out about her favorite pick-up lines, preferred spirit, and her idol.

Gentlemen: pay attention!

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Clean Plate Charlie: Hometown/ High School?

Calogero: Boynton Beach, Park Vista High School

How long have you been in South Florida?

My entire life: 21 years.

How long have you been in the industry?

About five years total, two for bartending.

I knew I wanted to be a bartender when_______.

Being a hostess didn't seem exciting enough for me.

Favorite drink to make?

Martinis are my favorite drink to make, because of the classiness of the glassware and the creativity of working with different flavors and spirits to make each one taste divine, while looking like a work of art.

Least favorite drink to make?

Mojitos aren't my favorite drink to make for the reason that it is very time consuming. I don't like my customers to wait too long for such a cocktail, when they could enjoy something better off our personal specialty cocktail menu at Bad Ragaz Hall -- aside from the Italian herb mojito, of course.

Strangest drink requested?

Our Konighudig Weiss with Coca-Cola soda mixed in.

What is your favorite spirit?

Vodka is my personal favorite spirit, because it can be manipulated easily; so I can be more open to creativity and putting my own spin on classic drinks, like cosmopolitans or screwdrivers.

What is your favorite drink after work?

I like a glass of water and a glass of baby Amarone, because I love red wines and found this particular type to be the best tasting (which we sell at Bad Ragaz Hall). Pairing it with a cold glass of water is my heaven in a glass.

What is your favorite place to drink after work?

Atlantic Avenue, because I love the atmosphere of certain restaurants -- DaDa, Tramonti, Blue Anchor, Salt 7, City Oyster -- and how polite and friendly staff members are to other guests around me. Plus, I have a great time with great people and great drinks!

What is the best pick up line that you have heard at the bar?

"I'm not drunk I'm just intoxicated by you."

What is the worst?

"A girl like you should stick to your own kind," referring to nationality.

If someone comes in and orders _____, you instantly think ______.

Two liter bier, they want to party!

Biggest pet-peeve while working.

A dirty bar: I'm very OCD.

Who is your favorite local bar tender?

Kaci Bogie at Blue Anchor. She is a good friend and a fun bartender; such a sweetheart.

If I wasn't a bartender I would be a ______.

I'm in school to be a radiologist

Favorite kind of bar customer?

I like everyone.

Least favorite kind of bar customer?

Again, no preference.

If you could make a drink for anyone who would it be and which drink?

One of my idols of all time is Giada De Laurentiis. I watch her cooking shows all the time for inspiration in my own kitchen, and I notice that she has a big sweet tooth, so I would make her a delicious chocolate and hazelnut chilled martini; maybe add a little heat for an added surprise.

Favorite thing about bartending?

I get to meet new people, interact, and give all of my customers an awesome experience.

Follow Sara Ventiera on Twitter, @saraventiera.

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