Best Yelp Deals in November For Broward and Palm Beach County Restaurants

Look, living in a tourist mecca has its upsides and its downsides: lots of awesome restaurants and stuff to do; lots of tourists and snowbirds causing long lines and driving up prices. 

What's a local to do? Check-in. A lot. There are all kinds of apps that let you do that, of course, from Foursquare to good 'ol Big Brother Facebook, but we all know what we're really talking about here: Yelp.

From spoiled patrons threatening bad Yelp reviews if they don't get free stuff, to the righteous justice of "haters and mean Yelpers" raining down upon Amy's Baking Company, Yelp is a force for both good and evil. Love it or hate it, it's not going anywhere so you might as well use it to make the most of your day. 

For instance, who doesn't love free food? It can put a smile on your face, a skip in your step, and help take the burden off your wallet (if only for a few dollars).

Here's a handy list — courtesy of the ever helpful Broward and Palm Beach Yelp community manager Blue Arauz — of the area's best Yelp Check-In offers happening during the month of November at select Broward and Palm Beach County restaurants.

(Yes, you have to make a Yelp account and then "check-in" using the mobile app. No, the NSA will not track you. No, you don't have to wear a fedora and take pics of your food. It's free stuff people. Unclench.)

The Top Five Broward County Yelp Check-In Deals

  1. Beg For More: 1 free spicy or sea salt edamame appetizer
  2. Las Pampas Grill: 1 free empanada
  3. Florida Snow Factory: Half-off medium shaved ice
  4. Mojo Donuts: Buy one, get one (BOGO) free donut
  5. Bravo! Gourmet Sandwich: 1 free chicha morada drink

The Top Five Palm Beach County Yelp Check-In Deals

  1. Patio Tapas & Beer: 1 free glass of sangria
  2. Tucker Duke's Lunchbox: 1 free dessert
  3. Boss Tacos: 1 free chicken or pork taco
  4. Sushigo: 1 free small sake or edamame appetizer
  5. Boca Burger House: 1 free French fry order

*Check-In offers were active as of publishing date; offers are subject to change. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.