Cheap Eats

Cheap Eats: Five Places to Eat for Less Than $10 on Fort Lauderdale Beach

With the polar vortex dumping buckets of snow, this has been an intense winter for those up north.

While our northern brethren have been freezing their asses off, we've been chilling out in the sun with one of the warmest Florida winters on record.

As much as we'd like to brag, it's spring break season now, and our beaches are starting to fill up with wasted college students looking to catch a tan (or a burn, really).

Spring break is about to take over Fort Lauderdale Beach, which means we're going to have a ton of coeds looking to find some cheap eats.

Whether your always on the hunt for a deal or you're trying to find an affordable alternative to McDonald's and ramen, we've picked five places to eat for less than ten bucks on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

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Sara Ventiera