Chocomize Custom Chocolate Bar: The Review

So as I mentioned last week, I've discovered the DIY chocolate website, Chocomize (, and in a flight of sugar-fueled fantasy customized my own bar of dark Belgian chocolate and proceeded to wait for its delivery.  

Just to refresh your memory, I called the thing "Tropical Madness" (probably due to a slight overdose the night before of Appleton's excellent Jamaican rum) and gilded the bittersweet lily with roasted pistachios, candied papaya, cocoa nibs, hot curry powder, and veggie bacon. 

The website makes it a snap to create your own customized bar, which unadorned costs under $4. After that, you add garnishes for modest amounts of change. My Madness bar clocked in at $8.55; with an additional $4.95 for the inevitable shipping and handling, the total came to $13.50.

So all right, already... How did the damned thing taste?

First, let me say that Chocomize promises four-day shipping, and damned if it didn't deliver.

I ordered mine on a Tuesday, and by Friday afternoon, it was in my

mailbox. And if you're wondering how it survived the hot 'n' steamy

trip from New Jersey to South Florida, it did just fine, being shipped

with a bunch of fist-sized cooler packs that kept it in pristine


And about the taste: First, the chocolate is of pretty good

quality, creamy, not too sweet, with a nice tang and good chocolate

intensity. The pistachios, papaya, and cocoa nibs were great additions -- a

bit of nutty crunch, candied chewy, and a hint of cocoa sharpness. 


was looking forward to tasting the curry in the mix, but it was applied

so lightly that it barely registered. I gave a couple of squares a dusting of

Neera's curry masala (the best commercial curry powder I've found), and

the flavors jumped. Not surprisingly, the veggie bacon was as tasteless

and insipid as all vegetarian "meat" products, contributing only red

color and a vague flavor of salt. If you really want a meaty sweety, go

with the beef jerky. 

The verdict? Well, at $13.50 a Chocomize

bar isn't exactly the cheapest sweet treat around, but where else can

you get a one-of-a-kind chocolate bar tailored to your own specifications?

It's a fun indulgence, makes a great gift for your foodie friends, and

is a helluva lot better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.  


that for a recommendation?

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