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Cooking Channel's Best in Chow with Cris Nannarone Filming at Kitchenetta on Sunday

You know you've thought about it before: the day you're going to get your big break.

Whether it's dancing in a club, walking through the mall, or shopping in the grocery store, many of us fantasize about the day some producer will discover us for some innate quality, and turn us into some kind of T.V. star -- or you could always go the Kardashian route, anyway.

Your chance to break onto the small screen could be coming up this Sunday; the Cooking Channel's Cris Nannarone is filming live at kitchenetta.

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On Sunday at 5:30 p.m., Cris Nannarone and his Cooking Channel crew are filming a segment for Best in Chow "Pizza Wars" onsite at the restaurant.

Chef/owner Vincent Foti is competing for "Best Pizza in Ft. Lauderdale" for "Best in Chow" on the Cooking Channel.

Nannarone is traveling across Canada and the U.S. in search of the top pizza to earn the title "Best in Chow." Cris a veteran road warrior and standup comedian, scours the food world in search of restaurants, diners, food trucks, and whatever other dining establishments you can imagine, to find the best burger, pizza or taco.

So far, Nannarone has visited cities ranging from Los Angeles and Victoria, British Columbia to Toronto and Chicago rooting out the best food from each city.

"The restaurant will be opened for dinner and it will business as usual," said Foti.

Best in Chow airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on the Cooking Channel.

kitchenetta is located at 2850 North Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-567-3333, or visit

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