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Fort Lauderdale Company Launches "Magic Mushroom" Energy Drink

The Fort Lauderdale-based company has created a new way to power your day.
Odyssey brings a mushroom-fueled energy drink to Florida.
Odyssey brings a mushroom-fueled energy drink to Florida. Odyssey photo
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America may run on Dunkin', but if a new Florida-based energy drink has its way, the Sunshine State will soon be running on magic mushrooms.

Odyssey Elixir, a Fort Lauderdale-based brand, has recently gained significant attention and accolades for its innovative approach to energy-boosting products. That's a fancy way of saying that instead of using traditional energy-jolting ingredients like taurine, Odyssey is making label-readers do a triple-take by crediting its "no-crash" line of beverages adrenaline-pumping powers to high-potency functional mushrooms.

Luckily, we've come a long way since the days of Red Bull's sugar-free beverage being an innovation in the energy-boosting beverage category.

Like the drink itself, Odyssey is a byproduct of unconventional ingredients. After a successful career on Wall Street, Odyssey founder and CEO Scott Frohman set out to transform the energy drink market. His original "ah-ha" moment came from experimenting with adding mushrooms to his morning coffee.

"I felt burnt-out and uninspired," he tells New Times. "I decided to leave Wall Street, and — after experiencing the effects of Lion's Mane and Cordyceps mushrooms — I realized there wasn't an energy drink on the market with ingredients that naturally support energy, focus, and mood."

Knowing what long days felt like and the type of energy that was necessary to stay alert for a prolonged period, Frohman says he created Odyssey in an attempt to provide the market with a "no-crash" energy solution with the use of high-potency functional mushrooms.

These mushrooms include Lion's Mane, known for its nootropic properties, enhancing cognitive functions like memory, focus, and learning, and Cordyceps, revered for its energy-boosting properties.

"Odyssey has created an energy drink option for consumers without the addition of detrimental ingredients like traditional brands," he says.

While most functional mushroom products contain around 250 milligrams per serving, Odyssey boasts a unique blend of 2,750 milligrams of both Lion's Mane and Cordyceps, that — when taken together — are said to improve mental clarity, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, increase physical stamina, and boost the immune system. The product also lists green tea as a source of good, old-fashioned caffeine as part of the elixir.

Since its launch in 2021, Odyssey has made remarkable strides by introducing three product lines with varying caffeine levels into 6,000 stores nationwide.

Frohman credits the rapid success to the brand making appearances in local events around South Florida with the intent of building local support as a Florida-based brand. Today, Odyssey can be found in Publix, select CVS locations, 7-Eleven, and various local retailers.

"Our local community in South Florida has championed the brand since day one and continues to be some of our greatest supporters as we continue to grow," sums up Frohman.

Odyssey's products can be found in Publix, select CVS locations, 7-Eleven, and various local retailers. Visit to find a retail location near you.
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