Ready for a little bit of paradise?

Deal of the Day: Up to $10 Food and Drink at California Burgers and Shakes

If Jimmy Buffett had been served one of these burgers over that boring "American cheeseburger" he got when he washed up to shore in Tortola, we're pretty sure he'd be singing the same tune.

That's the vibe we get when we roll up to California Burgers and Shakes in Fort Lauderdale -- where we're inspired to sing the same song after ordering a cheeseburger of our own.

It's also why we've gone ahead and made California Burgers and Shakes today's Deal of the Day. Just head on over, click the "Buy Now" button, and you can get $5 to $10 worth of food and drink -- and have your own little bit of heaven in hand by the end of the day.

This burger joint is simple. It doesn't have to be all dressed up with faux-chic hipster trappings or boast coveted cafeteria-style exclusivity like the mobile food trucks all the rage these days. 

No, no, no -- California Burgers and Shakes is just what the names says: a West Coast, retro-style burger haven where you can get everything from hand-cut French fries and hand-made shakes to cooked-to-order, double-stacked burgers complete with the expected trappings.

Unless otherwise specified, each burger comes decked out with lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo, and caramelized onions -- no extra charge. Hold the onions? No mayo? Just say so. Add bacon or avocado? It's just $1 more.

If you're in the mood for something different, we suggest you try the Radical Burger -- it's true to its name, made with cheese and grilled pineapple and doused in teriyaki sauce.

Don't forget to slurp it all down with an extra-thick shake -- after all, we didn't name them our 2010 Best Shake for nothing! The hardest part will be deciding which flavor. Besides the usual chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, California Burgers also has a few far-out flavors like banana, mint, coffee, pineapple -- even coconut. 

Just grab that cheeseburger, set up shop with a double-duty-wide straw, and drink your cares away. You may just find yourself a whole new paradise right here in Florida.

California Burgers and Shakes
5441 N. Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale 33308

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