Dolce Adriana on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale Is a Haven for Celiacs, Gluten-Free Eaters

Last year, we gave Ats-a-Pizza on Las Olas a Best Of for "Best Gluten-Free Eats." This was true at the time, but the shop owners' newest venture just might rival it.

That's right, the owners of Ats-a-Pizza have managed to one-up themselves in this one-sided venture for gluten-free greatness.

We're talking about Dolce Adriana. The café, which is right next door to Ats-a-Pizza, is a modest little place but boasts some big-time treats specifically for those with dietary needs.

Our trip into the store yielded five types of gluten-free baked goods -- all of them delicious. They also have sugar-free and vegan options as well as sugar-full and gluten-full (for the glutinous, of course).

The goods are made by Adriana, wife of Ats-a-Pizza's owner. While not celiac or even gluten-intolerant, Adriana was put on a gluten-free diet by her doctor after successfully battling breast cancer (go her!), and it seems like she's become somewhat of an expert on the diet.

All of the desserts that make the final cut go through rounds of testing to ensure they're worth serving. Adriana does all the preparation and cooking on cutting boards and equipment that are kept separate to prevent cross-contamination.

Celiacs are used to paying more money for gluten-free goods, but we found that Dolce Adriana's prices were pretty fair and cheap in comparison to say, Publix. 

But the best part? They're taking suggestions. We planted the idea of gluten-free black and white cookies, so if you see it on the menu any time soon... you're welcome.

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