Due South Brewery to Open in Boynton Beach

When you're at the Craft Brewers Festival in Jupiter this Saturday, be sure to find the local brew from Due South. It's the last time you'll be able to try it before Mike and Jodi Halker open their brewery at 2900 High Ridge Road in Boynton Beach later this season.

The few familiar with the brew might know their Caramel Cream Ale or Roasted Cocoa Stout, though they're planning to debut with a range of beers, including an Atlantis Ale and an Espresso Porter, to be distributed by Brown Distributors from Jupiter to Key West.

The brewers have secured permits and are well into work on the warehouse

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that will also feature a tasting room. Mike Halker has been brewing in his backyard in the meantime, though he reports on his blog that "95% of

the equipment has been delivered," with a chiller from Seattle, 375 kegs

coming in from L.A., and a holding tank from Portland.

The brewery will begin by employing ten to 12 people, including Scott Thompson, formerly of Big Bear Brewing Co. Thompson worked with brewmaster Matt Cox, who has also been advising Due South on the location.

Due South joins Tequesta Brewing Co. and Brewzzi in Boca Raton, among others, in this area's burgeoning craft-beer movement.

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