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Dunkin' Donuts Adds Café con Leche to Menu

When in Miami, it's common to hear caffeine junkies say, "Café con leche, por favor." But what about the rest of the South Florida community; where can residents north of the 305 go to get their café Cubano fix?  At Dunkin' Donuts, amigo. As of last Friday, DD is serving café con leche at all the South Florida locales.

Read on after the jump to get the scoop on how it all started.

Sometimes the customer is right. Steve Roitstein of Palo!, Miami's Afro-Cuban funk band, a while back tweeted to his followers, "Why doesn't Dunkin' Donuts have café con leche?"

Roitstein was on to something, and DD listened.

A Miami resident since childhood, Roitstein told Clean Plate Charlie, "I call myself a Cubanized Jew." He hangs out in Little Havana, where he gets his caffeinated buzz and is happy to see that DD took his tweet seriously. 

But the new menu addition didn't start with one tweet alone. Ken Privett, DD franchisee, was the first to bring

café con leche to the DD menu at his Hialeah store back in early 2009.


Privett recounts that many of his store managers of Cuban heritage brought

to his attention, that the customers continuously requested the item.

From there, Privett expanded the new café con leche option to his other four

Miami-Dade County stores. He owns 15 DD stores in both Broward and

Miami-Dade counties.

A year later, he expanded the Cuban favorite to all of

his Broward locales. It wasn't long after that the corporate higher-ups

saw the potential for café con leche in the South Florida market.

In addition to the drink menu, DD has new donuts for your sweet-tooth fix. For February only, sugar fans can try the new Cupid's Choice -- the first shaped donut by DD.

And to celebrate chocolate lovers' month, DD has added new chocolate donuts to your sweet indulgent options. The Cocoa Confetti, made with chocolate yeast, which creates a fluffier texture than cake batter, might be a good choice for chocolate enthusiasts.

Or if sugar highs are not your thing, the new Tuna Melt sandwich, served on a croissant with white cheddar, is a savory bite to satisfy your hunger pangs.

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