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Five Pies for Pie Day

It's National Pie Day, according to the National Pie Council. Though I usually ignore food holidays, like this guy with a pie fetish, I could eat variations on pie every day for life. Pies are the ultimate comfort food that can be made savory or sweet. And don't get me started about Crisco: a butter and lard crust is the way to go. How to celebrate the day? Here are five selections for a slice. 

5.The place: Bob Roth's Groves
The pie: Key lime

Though the folks at the shop bake other pies, this is the classic from this South Florida staple that's been around since 1964. A sample at the front counter may just convince you that you'll need a whole pie to yourself.

4. The place: Lester's Diner
The pie: Lemon meringue

All cakes and pies are made in-house at this classic 24-hour diner. Treat yourself to the most voluminous pie, a tart number heaped with a cloud of meringue.

3. The place: Meal in a Pie
The pie: Bobotie

Go for the classic at this South African stopover, the minced meat and dried fruit with Eastern spices in a flaky pocket.

2. The place: Stork's Cafe and Bakery
The pie: Storkberry

A combo pie for the berry freak that includes blueberry, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry. Though you'd need to special-order your own pie to go, chances are you can stop by for a slice and good company. 
1. The place: Upper Crust Bakery
The pie: Strawberry pie

Call a day ahead to order a strawberry pie made with all-natural ingredients. Too impulsive? There's also red raspberry, apple, and peach, among others.

Have your own favorites? Give a shoutout in the comments.

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