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Food Holiday: Saturday April 16 Is National Eggs Benedict Day

Soon your secret will be exposed to the world. YOU are addicted to hollandaise. Consider yourself outed! Now everyone knows that deep down, in places you don't talk about at parties, you want that hollandaise; you need that hollandaise...and who could blame you?

Butter, lemon juice, and egg yolks combine to form a creamy, golden sauce that brings grown men to their knees. As an addict, you already know

that hollandaise can be used to enhance just about any food -- asparagus, salmon, and Chicken Oscar -- but there is one dish that showcases this velvety sauce like no other: Eggs Benedict.


Sales and marketing executives are trying desperately to convince you

that Passover and Easter are the most important holidays this month,

but I think that we can all agree that April 16th, National Eggs

Benedict Day, is the real star this upcoming holiday season. Salty Canadian bacon, two eggs perched like tiny pillows atop airy English muffins and your reason for getting out of bed in the morning... hollandaise!  I bet you're tweaking already!

Wake up early this weekend and celebrate this auspicious occasion at any one of South Florida's many breakfast spots. Enjoy the classic Eggs Benedict or a variation on the theme!

Happy Eggs Benedict Day! 

Egg n' You,
The Floridian,
Plantation Diner(Classic Eggs Benedict)
Sage (Garlic Sausage Bendict)
Shawn and Nick's Courtyard Cafe (Corned Beef Hash Benedict, Benedicts vary daily)
The Downtowner Saloon  (Crab Benedict)
Palm Beach:
The Pelican Restaurant ( Classic Eggs Benedict)
Dolce Amore Cafe ( Prosciutto Benedict with Chive Hollandaise)
Pinon Grill (Crab Benedict, Steak Benedict)
Prime (Eggs Benedict with Shaved Truffles)
The Dune Deck
Deck 84 ( Smoked Salmon Benedict)

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