These days folks are stuffing all kinds of things inside the familiar pita. But tofu and alfalfa sprouts are not what Middle Eastern bakers had in mind when they invented the flat, round pocket bread. Luckily, small places abound where you can find authentic pita fare like gyros, shawarma, souvlaki, and falafel. But my favorite Middle Eastern pita is a little harder to come by. Turkish doner kebab is similar to shawarma -- sliced seasoned beef or lamb cooked slowly on a an upright rotisserie -- but the spices are a little less familiar, and it's served doused in a cucumber yogurt sauce instead of the heavier sesame tahini. You'll find this delicious sandwich on any street corner in Istanbul or on the beach in Hollywood at Istanbul Restaurant (707 N. Broadwalk, Hollywood, 954-921-1263).

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