First Look

Garden of Vegan Brings Raw Cuisine to Downtown Delray Beach

Garden of Vegan is not only the best explanation of the new, vegan restaurant located in Delray Beach but the sayings written on the window of the entrance may be just as clever: "Juice Bar: Home of the no ice, no water smoothie" and "*No GMO, *No Dairy, *No Wheat, *No Soy, *No Gluten - No Kidding."

The restaurant is very small, comfortably seating about 18, but it has had as many as 28 guests at one time. The owners are an uncle, Nebar Exist, and the chef is his nephew, Rahein Jones, who are both vegan themselves. Exist has been a vegan for 30 years, and Jones, while not a classically trained chef, has been the apprentice to Dr. Aris Lathum of Sun Fired Foods.

The ambiance is warm and inviting. A few blocks off the main drag of downtown Delray Beach, the little out-of-the-way spot has been open only a few months, but guests were consistently coming in and ordering while we dined. The place hasn't done any advertising, yet local athletes, rolling up in Bentleys, have still managed to find this healthy little haven. There is even a raw foodist on staff, Melanie, greeting and waiting on patrons as well as preparing the fresh juices and smoothies.

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