Have a Hangover? Perk Up With These Coffee Recipes From Around the World

Come Tuesday morning, you won't just be going back to work. Chances are, you'll be going back to work with a killer hangover. 

Since the usual options like hair of the dog, Bloody Mary's, and another shot of tequila aren't going to be something you can partake on during the commute to the office or once you're at your desk, most likely you'll be grabbing for the coffee and some aspirin. It's not a cure, but it's all you got.

While we've given you some hangover cures here and here, if you go the route of just plain old cup of Joe, why not spice things up a bit? We're not talking Irish coffee, here -- or a super-sugary flavored coffee creamer with names like "White Silk" and "Cookies and Cream." 

Around the world, there are lots of unique ways people enjoy coffee -- a universal beverage of eye opening caffeinated pleasure. Really, there is literally no limit to the way you can enjoy coffee. You can have it iced, or hot. Black, or with cream and sugar. Take it shot-style with a hit or two of espresso, or have a more sophisticated sip with a tuft of white, creamy milk foam and a dash of cinnamon.

Here, we've tracked down a few favorite coffee concoctions from around the world, so you can try it sweetened with condensed milk like they do in Saigon, or spiced with cardamom and almond extract like they do in Thailand.

Keep reading for coffee recipes from around the world:

The Flat White

In Australia and New Zealand people commonly use fresh, unpasteurized milk from grass-fed cows or goats to make their coffee drinks extra-rich and velvety smooth. By using a thick layer of milk foam over espresso, a drink they've dubbed the Flat White, the drink achieves the strength of a macchiato, and the creaminess of a latte, all in one.

Granita di Caffe
In Sicily, espresso and simple syrup are mixed together and poured over crushed ice for a slushy-type coffee drink. Served like a parfait, it can be layered with alternating doses of lightly-sweetened cream and chilled espresso, then topped with a shot of whipped cream.

Thai Coffee
This recipe contains a savory blend of coffee and cardamom. Make sure to brew the coffee extra strong so that it is not diluted with the ice and cream. All you need is a saucepan and a stove to cook the cream, almond extract, sugar and cardamom pods together and let steep for 15 minutes or so. Then enjoy!

Kopi Jahe
In Indonesia, coffee is brewed with sugar (yes, it's thrown in right with the grounds), then spiced with cardamom, fresh ginger, cloves and cinnamon. The end result: the kopi jahe, a warm, spicy, invigorating coffee drink.

Cafe Maria Theresia
In the Vienna kaffeehaus, espresso is given a nice twist with the addition of a jigger of orange liqueur, and a good layer of fresh, thick-whipped cream. Finish off with a few shreds of grated orange peel for an extra-zesty kick.

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