2011 Bartender Beauty Contest Winner Stephanie Greco
2011 Bartender Beauty Contest Winner Stephanie Greco
In the Biz Mag

Hot Bartenders Compete in In the Biz Magazine's Bartender Beauty Contest 2012

It's no secret that South Florida has some of the hottest service-industry girls in the world, and this Sunday, you can see just how hot during In the Biz magazine's own second-annual Bartender Beauty Contest.

At this event, audience members get to do more than simply watch -- they also play a role in judging the contest.

The contest began in July and spans seven weeks. Each week's event has two parts, including a bikini and clubwear round. Service-industry hotties are asked to strut their stuff for a panel of judges in a sexy one-piece or bikini. Round two is judged by the audience, where each girl debuts an outfit fit for the club or bar scene.

The next-to-last round takes place this Sunday, August 19, at Fort Lauderdale's Ocean Manor Bamboo Beach Tiki Bar at 4:30 p.m. The final event will take place Sunday, August 26.

"People in the industry use this magazine to determine where they're going to go for discounts for being in the biz, get tricks of the trade -- basically everything hospitality related," said In the Biz owner and publisher Carey Suissa. "It's like their bible, and it makes sense that only someone in the service industry should be able to compete." The publication has been around South Florida for 20 years and is published twice monthly.

Suissa says the contest is one of the classiest beauty pageants you'll find in South Florida. She created the contest with host and Ocean Manor owner Frank Talerico.

"I wanted this to be an event people in the industry could bring their kids to. More of a family event," said Suissa, who purchased the magazine two years ago from her former employer, South Media Group. "That means no g-strings, thongs, or bathing suits strung together with fishing wire."

And definitely no body-paint bikinis.

Each round is limited to ten girls, and entrants need proof that they are currently working in the industry; there's no fee to compete. Contestants must also sign a waiver stating they work in the hospitality industry and agree to having their photos printed in the magazine. The first-place winner will receive a $500 prize (second place, $200), but only one will move on to compete for the $5,000 grand prize and a complimentary photo shoot for the next cover of In the Biz magazine.

For more information or to register early, email beauty@itbnation.com or visit the In the Biz website at itbnation.com. To register for the event onsite, arrive at Ocean Manor at least one hour before the start of the competition. Contestants must bring a bathing suit, a club outfit, and shoes.


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