First Look

It's Harvest Time in Lake Worth

Farmers' markets are a wonderful thing: politically, ecologically, economically, and gastronomically correct. We love the idea of them; we love the quality product we can get at them. 

What we don't do is shop a whole lot at them. After all, most farmers' markets are open only on weekends, usually just Saturdays, and shut down in early afternoon. If you're not really committed to shopping your

local market and can't plan out a week's worth of menus in advance,

chances are you're not often going to bound out of bed first thing

Saturday morning to face the markets' inevitable crowds and parking

hassles after a long week in the salt mines. 

Ah, but what if

you could get excellent-quality fruits and greens and veggies from

local farmers at a plain, cheery, unpretentious place that's not only

open from morning to evening seven days a week but is also easy to get

to and park at? 


the deal at the new Harvest Time Market at Hypoluxo Road and Military

Trail in Lake Worth. The product of four men with long ties to local

agriculture, Harvest Time is 32 acres of farmland, a strawberry u-pick

site (with another for tomatoes coming in two to three weeks), and a

pair of barn-red buildings where Harvest Time's own produce and items

from other local growers is sold. Think of it as a farmers' market with

all the convenience of your local Publix. 

A quick trip

through Harvest Time is good news for locavores or anyone who just

wants good, fresh food to eat. Tomatoes are in short supply now, but

there's an abundance of other fruits and veggies: fat globe eggplant,

fist-sized red and green cabbages, red and yellow onions, milky-white

Florida onions, oranges and apples and grapefruits, a few lettuces and

herbs, plus sweet peppers and a colorful assortment of hot and mild



also sell their own Harvest Time O.J. -- fresh-squeezed, unpasteurized

-- that makes any other orange juice taste like it was pressed from

moldy gym socks. Prices are reasonable too, especially when you

consider the quality, which makes being politically, ecologically, and

gastronomically correct easy and affordable.

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Bill Citara