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Mojo Donuts in Pembroke Pines: We Eat a Dozen in About a Minute (Pictures)

Until now, south Florida has been a little behind in the hand crafted doughnut craze that's sweeping the nation. From New York City, where hipsters stand in line for an hour for a Meyer lemon doughnut from Doughnut Plant to Portland, Oregon, where Voodoo Doughnuts has been featured on nearly every show on Food Network's roster, Homer Simpson's favorite treat is riding a wave of popularity. So where are the hand-made gourmet doughnuts in south Florida?

For now, they're all in a little strip mall shop in Pembroke Pines and these doughnuts contain enough mojo for the entire state.

Shawn and Shelly Neifeld opened Mojo Donuts

quietly in February on the corner of Pines Boulevard and University

Drive (7906 Pines Blvd.). The Neifelds owned a smoothie shop in

Lauderhill, but high rents forced them to close. Looking for another

endeavor, they decided to open a doughnut shop. Now, the couple wake up at 1

a.m. each day to make the sweet treats.

At first the little shop did well

with locals. But a shop that sells bacon and maple doughnuts can't stay

out of the public eye forever. Soon, there was a buzz. Then, Y-100 DJs

wanted a doughnut named after them (The Mack Attack,is a bacon and Nutella variety). Now, the entrepreneurs are so busy they don't even have

time to start a Twitter account.

The secret to their success?

"No one else is making gourmet doughnuts in south Florida," Shawn Neifeld

tells Clean Plate Charlie. "There are other places -- Dandee Donuts

makes a good product, but we're working with really interesting flavor


The varieties change daily, but when we were there

we spotted mango and cheese, guava and cheese, maple bacon, red velvet,

cinnamon cake, blueberry, raspberry glazed, classic glazed "Mojo

rising," chocolate and strawberry, Boston creme, and Key lime. The

doughnuts range from $1.09-$1.75 each. A dozen cost $12.99; a half

dozen are $6.99. Mojo Donuts also serves coffee, tea, and lattes.


the question is -- are they worth the hype? Well, we bought a

dozen and took them back to New Times offices for a taste test yesterday

afternoon. Walking through the door, the scent of freshly baked goods

acted as a siren song to a group of co-workers.


box did not belong to one of the two major chains in South Florida

and simply said, "You deserve a donut." We walked into the break room

with our entourage and opened the box. The assortment was simply

beautiful. "I just started the paleo diet today. I was so good, too,"

one of our editors said.

"I'm sure cavemen had bacon," another

writer said as plastic knives were drawn. A nanosecond later there was a

feeding frenzy as six women were pitted against a dozen "donuts". They never stood a chance. The verdict?

"This is the best

Boston Creme I've ever had in my life," said an editor. "The raspberry

glazed is just amazing", said a writer. "Mango? I'm in love."  What didn't work was the maple bacon. "I've had better." Tough critics, these writers.

All in all,

the doughnuts were a huge success at our office. They'll be a hit

at yours. Or bring home a dozen for Easter brunch. (We hear there may be

special Peep-related treats on Sunday.) Mojo Donuts is open daily from 6

a.m. until they sell out (usually around 5 p.m.).

Somewhere in

Springfield, Homer Simpson is weeping tears of joy.

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