Rattlesnake Jake's in Deerfield: Cold Brews and Fish Tacos

Rattlesnake Jake's — a Texas-style dive bar with a Floridian bent — is an anchor on Deerfield Beach's salt-air strip. Show up in flip-flops and board shorts, pull up a stool at the worn bar top, and order a mighty-sized fish taco. Just try to eat one without bits of seared dolphin and homemade pico de gallo spilling out of the sides of the pliant flour tortilla. To go with its boozy atmosphere (Sierra Nevada on tap? Woo-hoo!), Jake's also makes some of the finest fajitas this side of Waco. The ultratender beef comes out popping and hissing on a superheated skillet piled high with onions and peppers. One order is completely shareable with a friend — just ask for extra tortillas, and that'll buy you time to peer around at the pictures of Florida fishermen hoisting game fish, on walls designed to look like a Mexican hacienda. If there's a weirder yet more strangely appropriate confluence in Deerfield, we've yet to see it.

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