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Review: Voodka Swings and Misses

Voodka's interior, with its vaulted ceilings, glittering chandeliers, and oversized faux leather couches, catches the eye of almost all who walk by on East Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. Inside, owners Dan Ellia and Michel Karsenti have composed a mashup menu with everything from burgers to pasta with cream sauce and truffles to tuna tartare in an attempt to lure in passing tourists.

Even the servers seemed onboard. "We're sort of a French restaurant," one server exclaimed to a table of French-speaking tourists. "Our owner is French." Moments later, he was bragging about the restaurant's cheeseburger to a six-person table with thick Southern accents.

While Voodka tries to please everyone, we found serious mishaps in nearly every dish we sampled, all of which were priced high enough to put a sour taste in our mouths before food even hit the table. In one instance, a frazzled waiter was forced to repeatedly apologize as entrées took more than 30 minutes to arrive.

Even an $8 lobster bisque was a letdown. An unsightly orange-brown soup arrived room temperature. There wasn't a single piece of lobster in the thin gruel that tasted mostly of cream and a weak seafood broth.

Throughout the night, a lone singer, clad in a form-fitting, metallic magenta jacket, made her way around the room cooing smooth renditions of Top 40 hits into a rhinestone-encrusted microphone. Though the live entertainment was a nice touch to the meal and likely helped reel in additional diners, the extra manpower ought to have been put in the kitchen.

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Zachary Fagenson is the restaurant critic for Miami New Times, and proud to report a cholesterol level of 172.
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