South Florida's Best French Fries

No straight man to its burger pair, French fries have become the main contender in a variety of scenarios.

Whether it's the renaissance of moules frites, the revival of house-made dipping condiments, the import of poutine, the embrace of artery-clogging chili-cheese fries, or the use of fries as garnish, as seen here, fries are for the moment the breakout star. After the jump, the best fries in Broward and Palm Beach.

10) Le Tub: For steak fries
Fried in peanut oil, these monsters display a crisp exterior and soft, mashed interior. Who can blame us for once having named these New Times' best fries around?

9) East End Brasserie: For moule frites
Prince Edward Island mussels are braised in white wine and served with a side of pomme frites in a cone. They're delicious soaked in the broth.

8) City Oyster: For truffle fries
For those who don't care about the perils of truffle oil, these hand-cut fries are tossed with truffle salt, sea salt, truffle oil, and garnished with Parmesan grated on a microplane employees call "Parmesan snow."

7) Burger Fi: For chili cheese fries
Ordered "well done" from the secret menu, Texas Fries

(topped with chili and cheese) are a delight. The extra crispiness

ensures that the spicy all-beef chili and American cheese sauce don't

turn these natural-cut fries to mush.

6) Top Fries: For the best condiments
Choose from a selection of ten types of fries, including red, hot and sweet fries, and sour cream and green onion fries, from this Miami-based food truck that makes weekly Broward appearances.

5) D'Angelo: Fries as a garnish
A specialty at D'Angelo,

French fries on pizza is "what the kids are eating," said a D'Angelo server. Doused with cheese and sauce, they're a vehicle for doubling your pizza pleasure.

4) Rok:Brgr: For poutine fries
Hand-cut fries are dolloped with Wisconsin cheese curds and smothered in gravy for $8.

3) Shuck-N-Dive: Sweet waffle fries
Made with sweet potatoes, these fries are fresher, crisp versions of the Chick-fil-A rendition.

2) Primanti's: Fries in a sandwich
Lucky us, we've got a slew of Primanti's to fatten up our sandwich of grilled meat, coleslaw, and tomato slices with fries on Italian bread. Look at that lovely thing.

1) Cafe Boulud: Best pomme frites
The key to fries is that they're hand-cut and first poached at a lower temperature, says Cafe Boulud. When an order is placed, the temperature of the oil is raised, in which they're cooked until crisp. At the finish, these frites are garnished with garlic butter, fresh herbs, and seasonings and served with homemade ketchup for $8 as a side or as an accompaniment to the burger.

What did we miss? Sound off in the comments.

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