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Stocked 'N' Loaded Food Trucks Ink Deal with Aramark to Serve Cruzan Amphitheatre

Summer means big concerts, and this summer is no exception. Listening to Dave Matthews and Kiss at Cruzan Amphiteatre might make your tummy rumbly. While hungry concertgoers take in the biggest acts this side of the Mississippi, chef Dave Rashty and his Stocked 'N' Loaded food trucks will have them covered.

No more soggy fries and overcooked meats; this summer at the Cruzan Amphitheatre means gourmet selections. While on a County Grind assignment at last Tuesday's Unity Tour, Clean Plate Charlie was able to catch up with Rashty, a French Culinary Institute graduate and former apprentice to world famous chefs Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Daniel Boulud.

"Its strictly about good food," said Rashty, who recently signed a contract with Aramark that tripled his number of active trucks. "When you use quality ingredients and make good food, people will know and taste the difference."

That difference was one of many reasons Aramark chose Rashty and his Stocked 'N' Loaded food trucks to be their exclusive gourmet vendor at Cruzan. An Aramark representative approached Rashty through a mutual friend. At the time, Rashty was living in Boca Raton and working equestrian events In Wellington.

"I had a lot of good press," Rashty said when asked what made him stand out among a slew of qualified vendors. "That was half the battle."

Rashty's truck won the Palm Beach Post's Best Food Truck award in 2011 and was featured in last October's South Florida Business Journal. The reason why was evident at Cruzan last Tuesday as 311 and Slightly Stoopid fans rushed Rashty's food trucks, which now number three after the deal prompted and afforded him the opportunity to expand.

"My advice to anyone looking to start a food truck is to do research, talk to other truck owners, and make really good food using quality ingredients," Rashty said. "I'm available anytime to anyone interested."

Those interested in strictly stuffing their face usually order the wings ($10) or the pulled pork sliders ($12), but it quickly became evident last Tuesday Rashty's most popular dish was the Vietnamese barbecue sandwich (pictured) ($12).

Prepared using the same cut as ropa vieja, the beef is marinated in rice wine vinegar, pepper and brown sugar, then braised at 350 degrees an incredible four hours in the oven. The resulting preparation is rabid with flavor, from sweet to savory to salty. The beef is placed on a roll and topped with a carrot salad, kimchi and sriracha, giving it that Vietnamese flavor. Rashty was nice enough to furnish CPC a sampling.

"None of the ingredients really overpower one another," said Rashty when asked what was the popular sandwich's dominant taste. "It makes for a perfect layering of flavors against your palate."

Stocked 'N' Loaded will be at Cruzan all summer long for concerts like Kiss & Motley Crue (July 27) and Warped Tour (July 28). All you fans familiar with Stocked 'N' Loaded can look forward to a delivery service taking off after this summer's series of concerts. For more info, check their Facebook page.

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