Taste Burger 21's Turducken Burger Before It's Gone

This time of year is all about turkey. And, every now and then, turducken -- the engastration of deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, which is in turn stuffed into a deboned turkey.

The idea isn't new. It's actually been around since the 1800s, when gastronomist Grimod de La Reynière produced his now-famous rôti sans pareil: a bustard stuffed with a turkey, then goose, pheasant, chicken, duck, guinea fowl, teal, woodcock, partridge, plover, lapwing, quail, thrush, lark, ortolan bunting, and finally a garden warbler.

These days, the idea has been expounded on. A gooducken is a goose stuffed with a duck and chicken. And then there's the quaduckant, an upscale version that's pheasant stuffed with quail and duck. And if fowl isn't your thing, there's such a thing as the cherpumple -- a cherry, pumpkin, and apple pie baked into a cake. You get the idea.

And, here in South Florida, we have a Broward restaurant to thank for the ultimate portable portmanteau meal: the turducken burger.

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Burger 21 -- the 14-strong burger chain owned by the Melting Pot Restaurants Inc. -- will be offering its own handmade version for a limited time.

New corporate chef Mike Remes is the man behind this meat; after a recent promotion, he's developed a series of special-feature burgers and shakes to highlight each month.

For November, that means a special Thanksgiving feature with his own spin on the turducken burger. Made in-house, each meat is prepared separately and the burgers are shaped by hand one layer at a time.

"It's fresh-­ground chicken and rosemary, inside honey-­sage duck, inside chive and Dijon ground turkey," explains Remes, who slaps all that meaty goodness on a bun with Brie and cherry-­cranberry chutney. "We serve it cut in half. All those beautiful fresh herbs really come out, and it creates a wow factor and something different for our guests."

To celebrate the holiday season, the turducken burger will be sold at the Davie and Fort Lauderdale Burger 21 through December 20.

Nicole Danna is a food blogger covering Broward and Palm Beach counties. To get the latest in food and drink news in South Florida, follow her @SoFloNicole or find her latest food pics on Clean Plate's Instagram.

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