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Ten Most Expensive Menu Items in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive meal in the world tastes like? According to Forbes, that honor currently goes to Sublimotion, a restaurant from El Buli-trained, Michelin-starred chef Paco Roncero that opened this summer at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. The 12-seat table service offers a 20-course tasting menu for about $2,050 person.

OK, so that's a little out of your price range -- and a bit far to travel. Maybe a better question would be: How much are people truly willing to spend on expensive food?

South Floridians are certainly no strangers to pricey fare, and while you might not want to search them out, it's interesting to know what your money can buy if you have an unlimited budget for some of the area's most expensive food and drink.

If you're looking to blow some dough at a restaurant for a single steak, a few ounces of caviar, or even a 25-course tasting menu, these places are sure to deliver the goods. Here, our top picks for the most pricey menu items in Broward and Palm Beach.

Have a few suggestions that didn't make our list? If so, tell us in the comments section below.

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10. Via Luna

The Ritz-Carlton has all the elements of a topnotch hotel restaurant with full panoramic ocean views and a menu of high-end, classic Italian dishes. The chef nails the preparation of dishes like arugula and beet salad, Atlantic halibut, and a tenderloin with a compound butter crust. The food here is worth the splurge despite the hefty price tag. Looking for the best? The 12-ounce dry-aged New York strip steak rings in at $46, served with fingerling potatoes, asparagus, cipollini onions, and port wine.

9. Dirty Martini

It may not be a meal, but it might as well be your only dining event of the day with its $400 price tag. At Dirty Martini in Palm Beach Gardens, that's the price for a single martini. The cocktail fetches a high price not for its use of specialty or rare liquor but for how it is served. The drink comes with a Swarovski crystal martini glass and three olives stabbed through with a custom-made, Provident Jewelry-designed diamond olive pick, weighing in at one-tenth of a carat. Customers can choose from any martini creation on the menu. And yes, you're expected to take home both the glass and pick. After all, who would leave that rarity behind?

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