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The Inspector - Tumi Restaurant's Imposter Fish

On December 5th, 2008 Tumi Restaurant in Margate (7926 W Sample Road) underwent a routine food inspection that resulted in 18 code violations, 7 of them deemed "critical." They were mostly run of the mill grease accumulations and food debris pile-ups, but one violation stood out. The willful deception of patrons by management is a heinous act and The Inspector is here to hold the villains of the restaurant industry accountable. Behold, verbatim from the inspection report

"Identity of food or food product misrepresented.Menu states fresh seabass in 4 different items, fresh red snapper on 2 different items and fresh grouper on one item. All fish used is fish supplier seafood products at 305992-8064 and they stated that they only sell frozen fish."

Manager William had this to say

"I have nothing to say to you. I haven't been charged and this case is

going to trial and if you have any questions, talk to my lawyer."

Dude, that statement doesn't even make sense.

This is Florida. If the fish is frozen, you don't call it fresh.

-- The Inspector

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The Inspector

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