The Tipsy Boar: The Sardellis Roll the Dice on a Hollywood Gastropub

At The Tipsy Boar Gastropub the Sardelli family, long known for refined Italian fare, has set foot on a new path. There are no meatballs, no pasta, and the beer- and fried-food-centric restaurant is a far more casual than the upscale Fulvio's 1900 and the recently opened Sardelli's, $1.6 million Mediterranean villa that overlooks Hollywood Beach.

"We were just looking to have a place where we can go grab a beer and something out of the deep fryer," said Fulvio Sardelli Jr., who runs prep at the Tipsy Boar in the morning before heading to Sardelli's to oversee dinner service.

For this latest venture the Sardellis have reanimated Michael Blum, a one-time starry-eyed Broward chef who in 2004 told the New Times, "I want to be the next Emeril, the next Wolfgang Puck, the next Norman Van Aken," he said.

Once billed as the "cure for boring food," the Tipsy Boar marks Blum's long-awaited return to the kitchen.

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