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Treasure Trove Bar on Fort Lauderdale Beach: Closing?

Having moved here just a week ago from a landlocked, wonky metropolis, I'm still surprised by the novelty of ending up in a beachfront dive bar with a room full of people wearing flip-flops and some semblance of a shirt getting drunk in the middle of the day. 

Such was the case this past Tuesday, when my office mates insisted on my inaugural taco Tuesday lunch at the Treasure Trove. This was the Lauderdale of my imagination, albeit the early and tame version.

As we found our seats, owner Jeff Rudd slapped a notepad on the table for us to tally our taco count while he fetched a round of Red Stripes, Budweisers, Sierra Nevadas and a gratis shot for one of the lovelies at our table. "I've already made thirty tacos before you all got here and I'll be making them all night long," he said. It was 1 p.m.

As much as Lauderdailians may love Treasure Trove and dollar tacos,

the institution's days are numbered. After seventeen years running his bar, Rudd may be forced to close, since his landlord intends to double his rent to $8,000 a month. "I can barely rub two nickels together, let alone pay that kind of money," Rudd said. Rudd has six months until his lease runs out. 

According to 2011 county records, the building and land value for Treasure Trove is $2,719,470 and is owned by Sophia Enterprises, Inc. New Times was not able to reach principals of the company for comment.

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