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Vegan Meal Delivery in South Florida: DeliverLean with SexyFitVegan Ella Magers

There once was a day in which people actually cooked for themselves. Unless its for special occasions, that day has come and gone.

Whether it's eating out with friends, picking up some Chipotle on the way home, or pizza delivery, it seems like no one cooks on weeknights anymore -- and it's pretty hard to maintain a special diet without doing so.

If you haven't heard or done so yourself, a number of people have turned to meal delivery services. Easy enough for most people, but vegans, not so much.

Now DeliverLean has teamed up with SexyFitVeganTM Ella Magers to offer daily delivered vegan meals.

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Starting this month, the program provides customers with portioned, calorie-controlled vegan meals that are dropped off to customers' homes or offices, as required. The meals combine plant-based proteins with fruits, veggies, and complex carbs that have been designed by DeliverLean's executive chefs.

DeliverLean Executive Chefs James Donato and Andrew Whiteman created the plan with Magers, a vegan, personal trainer, and founder of With meal combinations ranging between 900-1400 calories per day -- 300-400 per meal -- the dishes were designed to be environmentally conscious and mostly organic, avoiding the

"Dirty Dozen," the fruits and vegetable with the highest level of pesticide contamination, and integrates the "Clean 15," the foods that contain the least pesticides when grown conventionally.

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