Where Bill Clinton Should Eat This Week

When Bill Clinton arrives to talk at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, we're more than looking forward to hearing him speak. We're wondering where he'll stop to eat.

What's he doing here? The former president brings his "Embracing Our Common Humanity" tour to our neighborhood, where he'll "explore the challenges of globalization, our growing interdependence, and ways toward a common future based on shared goals and values." Fans  will pay $50, $175, or $500 for a front-row seat.

Clinton has come a long way from the days of visiting McDonald's for a Quarter Pounder and Junior's Cheesecake for a slice. After a series of health issues, Clinton embraced his doctor's advice and has gone vegan, as announced this past August. Though his vegan diet is less sexy than butter, cheese, and meat, we'll oblige by assembling a list of places that are vegan-friendly for when he's eating around town.

Old Fort Lauderdale Breakfast House

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Bill Clinton should come by this spot to visit with Rodney Ely, since he had been a regular at Ely's former Little Rock joint, the Satellite Cafe. While they're catching up, Ted Inserra said he'd whip up vegan black-bean soup with a side of greens.

Though the décor touts Obama in posters that wallpaper the place, the cuisine says White House-era Clinton. Despite his defection to a vegan diet, Betty Taylor will make him feel right at home with a plate of collards (no ham hocks) and vegan-friendly beans for the former president. 

Julian Siegel needs you, Mr. Clinton. He's fighting for the life of his shop -- a mainstay in the neighborhood -- at Tuesday's City Commission meeting. A little star power would certainly help. We bet you'd even drink some vegan-friendly beers for free. 

Penny Sanfilippo is whipping together your lunch, Mr. Clinton. "I'm going to have more fun with this than you can imagine," says the Clinton fan. Wednesdays are vegan days, during which the Ugly Sisters offer a homemade vegan soup option and entrée on their menu that changes daily. We'll update as she gets cooking, in the hopes that she hosts a special visitor.

An area vegan go-to, this restaurant offers knockouts such as braised spinach, wood-fired artichoke, and a roasted shallot "quiche," minus eggs and cream. Despite the strip-mall location, the interior is lovely.

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