Five Reasons Big Boi Is Better Off Without Andre 3000

Five Reasons Big Boi Is Better Off Without Andre 3000

Earlier this year, Big Boi did a series of interviews and every single one seemed to involve a nosy reporter asking about the thing every hip-hop head has been praying for since 2006's Idelwild: "When will there be an Outkast reunion?"

According to many reports, it seems like Big Boi is down to bring the group back, especially to mark the duo's 20th year anniversary. But Andre 3000 wants to keep Outkast in the past, telling the AP that he's "not the type that prescribes to nostalgia," and making it a point that their concurrent appearances on songs by Frank Ocean and T.I. are in no way a reunion, simply unofficial remixes.

But Big Boi doesn't need Andre 3000. He's been dropping tracks left and right, collaborating with fresh voices in the biz, and continues to release albums post Outkast. Three Stacks, on the other hand, seems more preoccupied with grooming.

Though both have talent oozing from their nostrils, and, yeah, together they're like a puzzle solved, we think Big Boi's way better off without Dre at this point. Let us explain.

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5. Andre 3000's short pants

No doubt, we know Andre 3000 is all fashion, and you gotta give it up for his attention to detail. But lately, he's been too fashion. Big Boi even noted this increase in a Village Voice interview last year. Saying about tracks he'd sent to his former partner that they never ended up working on, "I guess he was just too busy. He said he had to do some Gillette shit."

Andre's been shaving that pretty mug and reviving his preppy clothing line, Benjamin Bixby. But we blame him for Dwayne Wade's recent shamefully poor pedal pusher style decision. He and Kanye are the reason young hip-hop kids are dressing like your grandfather. Big Boi's keeping it normal. Can't have Andre forcing straw hats on his head. So soft.

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