Ten Craziest Photos of Amanda Bynes

Ten Craziest Photos of Amanda Bynes

One of the most fascinating people to watch this year is Amanda Bynes. Her total mental breakdown isn't funny, it confounds. Your brain takes some time to catch up with your eyes when looking at the selfies she posts online, all totally wasted and crooked-faced. "Could that really be the spunky, sweet-faced rebel in What a Girl Wants?" your eyes ask. Then your brain tries to piece together the similarities in features between the Amanda Bynes in your head and the one on the screen.

Not only are her photos mystifying, but so is her behavior. This past weekend, she randomly tweeted about how "fugly" Rihanna is, calling her a "dog" and claiming it was her crappy looks that made Chris Brown beat her. This seriously did happen.

But unlike Lindsay Lohan -- who also looks like one of the Housewives of Insanity -- Bynes seems fascinatingly entrenched in documenting her demise with pride on Twitter. We'd admire her candid "fuck you" to the world, but it's just too tragic. What follows are a few of Amanda Bynes' absolutely craziest photos on the web on which you can muse.

Ten Craziest Photos of Amanda Bynes

10. In many of her Twitter pics, Amanda is covering one eye or blinking. It seems a sort of anime reference from other photos. But does she just have a wonky eye? This photo is by far the most mind-blowing of the bunch. She's actually trying to look like her idol, stripper Blac Chyna, and failing.

How could anyone look at this and not think, "wow, I look like the queen of crackheads," delete!? The irreversible path of destruction didn't begin with this photo, it continues with it.

Ten Craziest Photos of Amanda Bynes

9. Though this shares some of the WTF with the first shot, it's got at least some direction. Like the blue lips are dumb, but she does look clear-eyed. Then the duckface lip-measuring, not sure why that's happening there. Finally, there's the weird diarrhea face with an eye that looks almost glued shut.

And all of this in a totally unglamorous red tee. She's gotta have some Nickelodeon money left to buy a shimmery tank or something. Now on to other things she should splurge on...

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