This Week in Print: Street Dogs and Devil's Brigade

Photo by Cindy Frey

Local punk fans have it pretty easy this Friday with the massive lineup of Sick of It All, Street Dogs, and Devil's Brigade gathered at Revolution for a night combining hardcore, the Irish-inflected Boston punk sound, and psychobilly. The latter two acts -- both Hellcat Records signees -- are profiled in Christopher Lopez's

lead music feature

this week.

Fans of Rancid who have been hiding under a smelly rock for the past few years should note that Matt Freeman and Tim Armstrong from the legendary outfit make up two-thirds of Devil's Brigade, but the faces will be the most similar part of the performance. This stuff is a lot grittier than any of the Clash-inspired side of Rancid.     

As for the rest of the week in print:

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In our moderate-sized feature section: Why Crystal Castles is the band we love to hate loving, and a handful of reasons why Sleepy Sun is excited by the Sunshine State.

Plus: details on upcoming performances by Asspiss, Pretty Please, John Mayer, Yellow #6, Bleeding Through, and Fucked Up.

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