Liberty City's own Trick Daddy may be one of the 305's best-loved MCs, but today the rapper calls Miramar home. Usually, rich and famous hip-hoppers are pretty zipped-lipped about their home addresses, lest TMZ post up outside — so how do we know the Trickster lays his head in the 954? Well, thanks to the Broward Sheriff Office's well-publicized raid of the Daddy's — born Maurice Young — abode. Last April, Trick was backing his coupe out of the suburban driveway when BSO arrived with drug dogs and a warrant. Trick asked if this had to do with a child support payment. Inside, officers found a gram of cocaine on the nightstand in the master bedroom and a Sig Sauer handgun under the pillow. But a little blow and a nine isn't enough to land you in infamy. What made Trick Daddy's arrest truly memorable was the mug shot — a gold-grille-snarling Daddy on a bad hair day.

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