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The Last Can You Rock a Little Softer? at Churchill's is Tonight

Raffa's peacing out a little softer
This week will be the very last Can you Rock a little Softer?, at least at Churchill's, at least for now. Raffa and Rainer and her crew are going to take a break and review the situation and their options. The acoustic and open mike night has made Churchill's Pub its home since its inception in the middle of 2007 and the super good jam has turned from a concept into a staple of the Miami music scene.  In addition to local acclaim, the event was featured in the New York Times last year in an article showing another side of musical Miami.  

Each week local and traveling musicians have landed at the Wednesday weekly, using it as a forum for trying out new tunes, meeting kindred spirits and to find respite from the hard punk and dance scenes that sometimes seem to define SoFl music. Raffa talked about what has made the night special to her: "Mostly it is seeing new projects pop up.... It gives all of our friends a place to play and develop."  

This week is a celebration of Jesse Jackson's birthday and has a special appearance from Haitian musician Rosemond Jolissaint, the winner of a Haitian Amercian Idol-type competition, Digicel Stars, and a gem of a young man. The party pops off for the last time (for now) this Wednesday at Churchill's Pub, at that special time. Peace out Raffa!  Hope you come back soon.