5 More Best Palm Beach County Rappers; A Redemption List

Last week, Lee Castro wrote up a list of his picks for the top 10 best Palm Beach County rappers. More than a few people weren't happy with the results or the rankings. But many of them just didn't click to the last page of the post. 

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I felt a redemption list would not only offer those who deserve recognition a shout out, but also give you more artists to listen up for. 

Here, I offer five other winning PBC hip-hop artists that are definitely list-worthy. 

5. Jabrjaw 
Certainly the most obvious omission (in my eyes, at least and not just cause were friends!).  Jabrjaw and Dee Dubbs have been the go to hip-hop act in Palm Beach for the better part of the last decade.  

Easily one of South Florida's most talented MCs, and one of the only active rappers to release music on vinyl, Jabrjaw has a slew of releases, videos, and shows under his belt. He organizes shows, co-runs a label called Footwork4self.  

4. Phil Sebastien 
Super talented MC and pretty prolific for a younger guy. Dropped a really impressive album, Drown, last year. 

3. CruciaL Chaotic  
Another talented up-and-comer. Dropped a dope EP, Fresh from the Ziploc, in February. He's been organizing shows at Speakeasy and Propaganda for the past two years and touring all over Florida. CruciaL Chaotic opened for Skyzoo and Keith Murray this year.  

2. Cable Wraps 
Great freestyler and a favorite of a lot of Palm Beach hip-hop heads. Here's a track with him from WPB producer Shawn Wayne's album: 

1. Chris Morris 
This guy just came on my radar recently but he's definitely a talented Palm Beach rapper. He just got on DJBooth.net, put out a mixtape sponsored by DatPiff, The Mind of a Believer, and dropped a video this year. 

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