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A Flock of Seagulls and the Ten Craziest Haircuts in '80s Music History

Mention the name Flock of Seagulls and you'll spend the next ten minutes talking about hair with whomever is in earshot. This is because Mike Score, one of the founders of the popular New Wave band, took his hairdressing past into his musical future. 

His 'do was reminiscent of Ewok ears and a surfer dude forward sweep. There's no way that John Candy's character Barf in Spaceballs' queer wig wasn't inspired by Score's locks. 

The thing is, Flock of Seagulls made some awesome music too. They'll be performing alongside Erotic Exotic at an '80s Rewind jam at Grand Central Friday night. In honor of the very '80s event and Score's hair, we put together a list of other musicians with quirky 'dos from that decade of extreme styles. 

10. Cyndi Lauper
When it comes to Cyndi, true hair colors ain't her thing. But come on, squares, maybe girls just wanna have fun with their locks. 

9. Siouxsie
Siouxsie was a lil overzealous with the teasing, sure. But that's fine, she's still a total beauty and a style hero. Her look endures to this day. Even that hair. We saw someone's bubbie at Boca Town Center last weekend with the same coif. 

8. Robert Smith of The Cure
In the same vein as Siouxsie, we've got the ever dreary but so sexy before he was ancient Robert Smith. His red lipstick couldn't even distract from what was on his head. The spiderman came to dinner and stayed on his head. 

7. Kid of Kid 'N Play
We recently attended a concert by this house party duo, and Kid has toned things down a bit. But back in the day, man, the flat top fade was the shizz. It had height and shape. In this video, he's even doing his kid's hair in the same fashion as his own. Catch it. 

6. Sinead O'Connor 
So, technically, Sinead's famous "Nothing Compares 2U" came out in like 1990, but it was recorded in 1989, and, hullo, remember Prince wrote it? Not that that changes when it was released, but it's a fun fact. 

Thing was, damn, didn't you want to shave your head after watching this video? Then you realized you had dandruff and your face was like not even close to being as stunning as this crazy Irish broad. So, you kept your bangs high and your hair long.

5. Sigue Sigue Sputnik
New Wave-glam bred tons of ugly hair styles and ridic outfits. These guys' look is the epitome of those errors. 

4. Echo and the Bunnymen
First of all, isn't this like the best song to dance around lazily to? Yes. The band's hairstyles were questionable at best. One of these dudes even sported what looks like a mushroom cut. It was the eighties, but, come on. 

3. Milli Vanilli
It's hard to make fun of these guys because their story after they broke up is like so tragic, well either MIlli's was, or was it Vanilli? Anyway, they weren't actually singing these tunes, but damn did they look good. And the hair was forgivable, the outfits, not so much.

2. Boy George
As far as we're concerned, Boy George is a fabulous fashion forward queen of a lotta look that werked it. His hair was a little goofy though. Sorry, Georgie. 

1. A Flock of Seagulls
So, this band is the inspiration for the list, and man, was his hair something else. They had to mentioned again. Catch them on Friday night and let us know if he's still got it going on up top. 

Eighties Rewind: A Flock of Seagulls with Erotic Exotic on May 11, 10 p.m. It's 18 and older at Grand Central, 697 North Miami Ave., Miami. Entrance is $20. DJs Hans, Essential 6 and Tommy Gunn bring the '80s music. Visit GrandCentralMiami.com

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