A Mayan Apocalypse Playlist, Just in Case

By now it should be fairly evident that this "Mayan Apocalypse" is not going to happen. The same way that Y2K and thousands of years of human bickering have not completely decimated the human race yet. Let's face it, those murderous Spaniards did the world a favor by crushing their empire quickly before they got started on the next disc of their cyclical calendaria and inadvertently gave us another 2012 full of nonsense Facebook posting and a platform for religious douchenozzles to step on.

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But despite the impending apocalypses, we got down back in 1999 the way they got down in 1899, and every hundred years prior to that. The human race knows no limits to partying and excuses for partying. And since we are primarily a music blog and not a doomsday device, here's a little playlist to get tonight's party started right. So that, when you awaken, it's not in the underworld, but in the personal apocalyptic hell of some stranger's syphilitic lap.

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Abel Folgar